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Thane Tourism | Places to Visit in Thane

I am Thane, popularly known as the City of Lakes and also the Elder Sister of Mumbai as a part of Thane district was given to Mumbai for its future development. Mumbai is also heavily dependent upon on my lakes for its water supply.

Today with city area of 147 square km and a population of more than 1.2 Million I can hardly be considered as a suburb of Mumbai and is primarily due to the thirty lakes in and around me those have earned me the name of the City of Lakes.

These lakes have been the source of water for me and my larger neighbor Mumbai, but many of them are also popular tourist destinations. With those lakes along with beautiful scenic locales, old forts and recently developed resorts – I am an ideal place for a short getaway from the city of Mumbai. I am also frequently visited by tourists not only from other places of the country, but also from foreign shores.

Though I have a predominantly Maharashtrian cultural fabric, but similar to Mumbai it is also cosmopolitan at the same time. Due to the huge residential boom that I am witnessing for the last couple of decades, I have been turned into a home for immigrants from all over the country and now have a sizeable population of North Indian, South Indian, Sindhi, Gujarati and Marwari population.

Culture and Festivals in Thane

As a natural consequence, festivals for different communities like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Gudhi Padwa, Holi, Durga Puja or Mahashivratri are all celebrated with equal passion and joy, but Ganesh Chaturthi is no doubt the most important and largest festival that I witness every year during the months of August and September.

I am extremely well connected with Mumbai and other suburbs of the city with Mumbai suburban railway and I have a railway station with the same name that is one of the busiest of all suburban rail stations of Mumbai. Direct buses from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) to Thane are available as well as from many other parts of Mumbai. For intercity transport there is a bus service run by the Thane Municipal Transport Corporation and there are also metered auto rickshaws for traveling to different parts of me.

Climate in Thane

I have a tropical monsoon type climate bordering on tropical wet and dry climate and receive a medium to heavy rainfall during the monsoon months. Winter temperature stays pleasant and hovers between 22 degree to 34 degree centigrade during the day and that goes down to about 12 degrees during the night and for tourists winter is certainly the best time to come and visit me.

Shopping in Thane

Like most modern Indian cities I also offer my visitors wonderful shopping options and apart from Ram Maruti Road and the Naupada road – two of the busiest shopping districts of mine a number of new swanky shopping malls like the Eternity mall, Lake city mall, Wonder mall and High Street Mall have come up in recent years offering tourists as well as the city residents a variety of shopping options. You can visit me anytime of the year and I assure you that you will love to meet me again.

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  • February 1, 2016 at 8:58 am

    This is best guide of Thane City. I like to spend my time at Talaopali lake near Thane railway station. This is a huge lake with good sitting arrangement. There is good sitting arrangement around the lake and many fastfood outlets.


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