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Akshi is a beach town which has a lovely beach to offer to tourists where they can sit, relax, read and spend a few days in peace and quiet. Everything from water sports to para-sailing can be availed at Akshi and enjoyed by everyone from eight to eighty.

There are several places to see at Akshi Beach. The beach itself is a long stretch of beautiful yellow sand which is very comfortable to walk upon as the view of the setting sun sets in. There are other beaches as well and the rocky beaches are very well known among them.

Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach Konkan

Alibaug beach is situated just around 8 km from Akshi beach and its a hot tourist attraction from Mumbai and Pune. Alibaug is a day picnic destination for Mumbaikars and can be reached by road, and sea route.

Kihim Beach

Sunset at Kihim Beach

The stretch of beach which is known as Kihim is one of the most popular beach stretches and is frequently visited by tourists for its rocky nature.

Varsoli Beach

Versoli Beach Alibag

Varsoli is another well-known stretch that is famous for a large number of fish which is kept along the stretch in order to be dried. Those who can withstand the smell are welcome to take a tour of Varsoli, though that does not take away anything from its beauty.

Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach in Alibaug

Among other places to see at Akshi Beach, Nagaon is a natural marvel with soft, yellow sand spreading as long as one’s eye can see. The sand is soft and the moment one sets his or her foot on it, the feeling of warmth spreads all over. The beach is beautiful, with Suru trees decorating the edges all around.

Nagaon is perfect as a beach to simply laze around but lately, a number of water sports enthusiasts are seeking to make it a destination for themselves. Jet skis and parasailing is commonly found in Nagaon so interested tourists can try their hands.

Birla Temple, Alibaug

Sightseeing at Akshi beach involves visiting important devotional places of worship and prayers. One is the beautiful Birla temple which is built of granite. Walking up the well-paved stairs, one can feel the might of spiritual worship setting in as he or she steps inside the hall which is open from all sides.

Kankeshwar Temple, Akshi Beach

Kankeshwar temple was built way back in 1764. Its specialty is the ‘Brahma Kund,’ a rectangular tank surrounded by steps on all sides. Both these places have become significant tourist spots.

Akshi is a much-loved tourist spot with modern amenities like water sports as well as temples for traditional tourists. It is this balance of tourist aesthetics that gives Akshi its much deserving popularity.

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Akshi Beach

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