Bassein Beach

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Bassein beach also known as Vasai Beach is mainly famous among the visitors, because of the peaceful environment and perfect scenery it offers to them.

Bassein Beach is situated 77 kilometers away from the main city of Mumbai. People sometimes compare Bassein beach with India’s sultry beach, present in Goa.

Bassein Beach in Vasai

The best thing the tourists enjoy after coming to Bassein Beach in Vasai is that the crowd gets very little in this place and those who are in search of a perfect environment for refreshment, for them I’d suggest them to visit Bassein Beach.

Vasai Beach is even known for many of the historical facts over it. Many popular forts and structures built during the early ages by the Portuguese are located here. A wide range of forests around Bassein Beach, consisting of palm grooves and brushwood make it much for special among the visitors.

Many lodges and restaurants are located around Bassein Beach that has been constructed by the locals for serving the tourists and even creating a business for themselves. Delicious and special foods are the major attractions to the tourists.

At a distance of 10 kilometers from Vasai Beach, the Nalasopara is also a beautiful place that is mainly visited by the tourists. It mainly consists of Buddhist relics.

Other than these, Akloli Ho Springs, Vajreshwari temple, Bhimeshwar temple, and the Samadhi Mandir of Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj at Ganeshpuri also make this place very special. The ashrams around Bassein Beach are the place of devotion for the tourists. Few churches built by the Portuguese have also situated nearby the Bassein Beach in Vasai.

Best Time to Visit Bassein Beach

November to March is the best season to visit Bassein Beach as the climate is cool here during these winter months.

Weather in Bassein Beach

Monsoon starts from July to September at Bassein beach. Bassein beach receives moderate rainfall during monsoon. Further winter starts from November to February and the average temperate in winter is around 18° C to 29°C. The Summer climate is very hot at Bassein beach and the temperature is higher at 33° C.

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