Dapoli Beach

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Vacationing in the Dapoli Beach

Dapoli beaches are the longest beaches in the entire Konkan beach stretch. Dapoli situated in the small town of Ratnagiri and it does possess all the essential components that a popular tourist beach must-have. Dapoli trip can offer tourists with the appropriate beach holiday package.

Anjarle Beach

Anjarle Beach near Dapoli

Dapoli city doesn’t have its own beach but has something for everyone who comes to visit Dapoli. You will definitely take away some great memories after visiting the beaches around Dapoli.

The waters at Dapoli beach are pristine and best suited for swimming. The exotic natural scenic will definitely take you out of this world. You do have the option to explore the secret of nature.

Weather at Dapoli

Dapoli beach boasts of a soothing climate prevailing throughout the year, and thus, it is populated over the year. Every day several tourists visit the beaches around Dapoli and enjoy a wonderful day under the blue sky and unending water.

Best time to visit Dapoli Beaches

The best time to pay a visit to Dapoli is from October end to the mid of February. If you are lucky you could explore several shades of Dapoli beach, and exotic landscapes during the monsoons.

Harnai Beach

Harnai Beach near Dapoli

Dapoli is totally filled with a plethora of flora and fauna. You should take an evening stroll in the lap of natural and exotic surroundings. Dapoli is the best tourist attraction in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. You can even go shopping and collect some innovative items made up of sea animals.

Other Destinations Near Dapoli Beach

Anjarle Beach

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Harnai Beach

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    There is lots to do in Dapoli apart from splashing around in the pristine waters and visiting age old temples in Dapoli.


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