Gorai Beach Mumbai

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Gorai Beach is a suburban beach that is linked by the rocky headland that is categorized as one of the cleanest sand beaches with inviting water in them. Gorai beach can be accessed from the very capital of the state Maharashtra, Mumbai.

Gorai Beach Mumbai

One is advised to visit the Gorai beaches during weekdays as being the cheapest among all it is most visited by the teenage or bachelor picnic groups. The swaying line of palm trees and numerous rows of the cottages just increase the beauty of the surrounding of Gorai beach.

Gorai is the cleanest beach in Mumbai. The hotels and resorts in Gorai are becoming extremely important and it just increases the beauty value of its premises.

These Gorai beach resorts offer amazing services such as food that includes traditional coastal food, lodging, and clothing. A tourist could book any room and sweet depending on their needs. The rooms are also created according to a theme.

One can book a grand hotel room for their large family or also could book the honeymoon suite of the hotel. The main purpose of the visitor is to relax from their busy schedule or could spend some quality time with their family or for having a romance with their love companions.

Gorai beach is very much confident that this trip of yours will prove to be the best experience that you ever had.

Gorai Beach in Mumbai welcomes you all to celebrate the ongoing festival that simply amazes the tourist. The different sports activities and the treatment facilities attract more and more tourists to spend quality time in the resorts. Thus Gorai beach can assure you that these beaches are extremely soothing.

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  • February 14, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    One of the safest and cleanest beaches of Mumbai. police are always active for any trouble on Gorai beach, shops, continental hotels, and hawkers are available for tourists, rooms are available at the cheap rate, u can party as the hotels are open for 24/7.
    horse riding & a sand car is available at reasonable rate.


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