Harnai Beach

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Harnai beach is located in the state of Maharashtra, near about 200 kilometers away from the Mumbai city. As a place for a visit Harnai beach is mainly chosen just because of the quietness the visitors can experience here.

In recent years Harnai beach has been getting huge responses from tourists as a tourist destination. Harnai Beach in Dapoli is now even denoted as one of the best tourist spots in the country.

Harnai Beach

Locals from Pune and Mumbai usually come to visit Harnai beach to enjoy their weekends. But the major responses Harnai beach gets is from the tourists arriving from distant states as well as countries. With very good communication facilities to Harnai, it gets very easy for the visitors to spend their weekends here.

The major attraction of the place is the Harnai fort and even adds huge value to the Harnai beach. On the south end of this fort, there is another beach that is fully covered by the palm forests and is very much famous among the visitors for the crystal clear white sands and fully safe waters.

One of the famous rock-cut monuments, namely Panhale Kazi, also increases the value of this place. It is just 30 kilometers away from Harnai beach Dapoli.

The nearest airport in Mumbai is about 200 kilometers away from Harnai Beach whereas the railway station situated nearly is 154 kilometers away. There are many buses provided by the government from Pune to Harnai beach that proves to be very much helpful to the tourists sue to a direct connection from the main city.

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