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Situated on the Konkan Coast, Kihim is one of the most popular beaches in Alibaug, presenting an exquisite view of golden sand, setting sun, and rocky stretches.

Kihim Beach is located in proximity to Mandwa, connected to Mumbai via road and ferry services. The metropolitan city of Mumbai is at a distance of about 120 km from Kihim Beach.

How to Reach Kihim Beach By Road

The nearest city to reach Kihim Beach by road is Alibaug. Many state transport buses (MSRTC) are available from major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune to reach Alibaug. From Alibaug Kihim beach can be reached by autos.

How to Reach Kihim Beach from Mumbai:

To reach Kihim beach from Mumbai via roadways, one can start from Mumbai, through Panvel, Pen, Wadkhal, Alibaug, and Kihim – a distance of about 132 km. For a shorter trip, one can take the Karle Khind route from Wadkhal instead of Alibaug.

How to Reach Kihim Beach from Pune:

To reach Kihim beach from Pune, one can take Mumbai – Pune Highway, driving through Lonavala, Khopoli, Pen, Alibaug, and Chondi to Kihim.

How to Reach Kihim Beach By Rail

The nearest railway station is Pen on Mumbai – Goa Highway, which is approximately 85 km from Mandwa. One can also drive to Panvel railway station that connects to Mumbai, Pune, and other major cities.

How to Reach Kihim Beach By Air

The nearest airport is Mumbai, about 142 km from Kihim. One can take ferry services or reach Kihim Beach via roadways through Pen.

How to Reach Kihim Beach By Ferry

Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry

The ferry is the most convenient mode of transport from Mumbai to Kihim Beach. Daily ferry services are available from the Gateway of India to Mandwa jetty.

Ferry operators provide bus service from Mandwa Ferry Wharf to Chondi at 6 km. Kihim is about 3 km from Chandi. One can also go through Alibaug, where Kihim is about 10 km from Alibaug bus depot.

To reach Kihim from Pune, one can take a train to Mumbai and then avail catamaran services from the Gateway of India to Mandwa and then to Kihim via Chondi.

Map of Kihim Beach

Explore Kihim Beach with map. Kihim Beach Map showing city attractions, roads, hospitals, police stations and many important places. Get complete information about Kihim Beach and plan your holidays.

Distance from Major Cities to Kihim Beach

  • Alibaug to Kihim Beach Distance – 10 KM
  • Murud to Kihim Beach Distance – 58 KM
  • Panvel to Kihim Beach Distance – 73 KM
  • Pune to Kihim Beach Distance – 140 KM
  • Kolhapur to Kihim Beach Distance – 365 KM
  • Nagpur to Kihim Beach Distance – 950 KM
  • Ahmedabad to Kihim Beach Distance – 600 KM
  • Bangalore to Kihim Beach Distance – 950 KM

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