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For a romantic trip, people often think about the beaches. The white sand, the gushing waves, and the peace that one can get at the sea beach is unparalleled. One of the beautiful beaches in India is the Tarkarli beach.

The beautiful long coastline and the clear water never fail to cast the charm on the heart. You can see many turtles on the Tarkarli beach. If you are planning for a trip with your loved one then you can definitely think about Tarkarli beach. There are some nice places to see at Tarkarli beach and you would love those places.

Silk-smooth sand is one of the main attractions of this beach. You can walk miles along the beach and you wouldn’t feel tired. Apart from that, you can also take part in various water sports here. There are some beautiful beaches in Konkan region.

Among the sightseeing in Tarkarli, it is considered as one of the most picturesque and serene beaches. The white sand beach, coconut trees, and the clear water together makes it the perfect romantic gateway.

Another scenic spot is the Tarkarli backwaters. On the Karli River, you can even rent a houseboat and spend the night there. You can also take part in Scuba diving and snorkeling. Tarkarli sightseeing is mainly about roaming around the beach and taking part in exciting water sports. Apart from that, some other places are there that you can also visit.

Malvan Beach near Tarkarli

Malvan Jetty

Malvan is one of the best tourist attractions in Tarkarli. There is a beautiful marine sanctuary in Malvan. After visiting the vast marine sanctuary you can satisfy your taste buds with popular local cuisines there. You would love the food there absolutely.

Tarkarli beach, Tarkarli

Tarkarli Beach

This is the main places to visit at Tarkarli on your trip. The picturesque beach and the clear water where you can see the 20 ft deep sea bed clearly on a bright and sunny day. This is the point where the Karli River meets the Arabian Sea. The pristine beach has always been popular among nature lovers. You would definitely enjoy it there.

Sindhudurg Fort, Tarkarli

Sindhudurg Fort Malvan

One of the places to visit in Tarkarli is Sindhudurga Fort. King Shivaji was the founder of Sindhudurg Fort. It is been said that over thousands of workers worked for 3 years to built this beautiful fort. One can see the influence of Portuguese architecture here. This is definitely a must-visit place near Tarkarli beach. You can get auto and cars to reach this fort from Tarkarli beach.

Dhamapur Lake, Tarkarli

Dhamapur Lake Tarkarli

Dhamapur Lake is a vast and calm lake where people can enjoy various water sports and boating. There is no wave in this lake and that is why this is the ideal place for adventure free boating. The tourists often come here to spend a nice evening with their loved ones and family.

Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Temple, Tarkarli

This is a temple built in the memory of the King of Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji. Inside there is an idol of the King carved out of shiny black stone. This is another beautiful place to visit near Tarkarli beach. This temple reminds us of the history of Maharashtra.

Kolamb Beach, Tarkarli

You must visit Kolamb beach to enjoy various adventure sports. This beach is also hugely popular because of the dolphins and one of the famous places to visit at Tarkarli. At the endpoint of this beach there is a creek and that is called the Kolamb creek.

Padmagarh Fort, Tarkarli

Padmagarh fort is a historical fort of Maharashtra. The fort is conquered by King Shivaji. This was one of the important sea forts of the Maratha kingdom.

You must not miss the local delicacies there. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, the local food will also make your trip a fulfilling one.

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