Tondavali Beach

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Tondavali Beach is the name equated with seclusion and serenity. Tondavali Beach is located in Malvan alongside the Kalaval Creek offers a beautiful sight of the amalgamation of backwater and the Arabian Sea.

Tondavali Beach Malvan

Further, the swaying coconut palms add so much beauty to the scenario that tourists are put under a spell. The palms give a resemblance to Kerala to the Tondavali Beach.

Tondavali historical links with the two famous temples of Shri Vagheshwar, a village deity, and Shri Datta Mandir attach reverence to the Tondavali Beach in Malvan. People come here to seek inner peace.

Among many things, which make Tondavali Beach exceptional is the existence of dolphins near it. People come here to witness the amazing fun and frolics of rollicking dolphins. They are enamored by the charm and beauty of the Earth’s most intelligent animals.

It is a treasure that Tondavali Beach possesses and which has such a calming influence over the visitors. The tourists take a boat into the sea for sightseeing dolphins.

The best part is that they do not have to go far into the sea and they can spot the gorgeous dolphins easily. The water is clear as well, which adds to the fun of the tourists as the visibility of the dolphins’ increases.

Another thing, which captivates the visitors, is the availability of water sports in abundance. People come here to enjoy sailing in the Kalaval Creek, doing Banana-ride, and for riding water-scooter, etc. Such sports are really thrilling and adventurous.

Watersport at Tondavali Beach

Visitors love the option of extra thrill along with getting relaxation from the tranquility of the Tondavali Beach. The soft grains of sand on the Tondavali Beach are so clean and compelling that tourists walk over them without any shoes.

This gives them the best time of their life, as they are seen soothing, relaxing, and communing with nature. They forget about all their worries and immerse themselves in the splendor and magnificence of the Tondavali Beach.

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