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Velneshwar beach has very scenic beauty and is very photogenic in nature. There’s something special when it comes to beaches, people simply love going to the beach as it gives them relaxation and refreshes one’s mind and body.

So you might be thinking of a weekend out to chill out so here’s something for you know about the places to see at Velneshwar Beach, and its attractions. Many tourists visit this beach around the year.

Velneshwar Beach

Velneshwar Beach

This beach is situated at around 300 kilometers from Mumbai and around 250 kilometers from Pune, this is one of the least crowded of the beaches in India. So one can have real peace of mind in this place. The beach is a stretch on the Konkan belt and it certainly captures one’s eyes, especially the greenery around the place.

Most of these beaches are unpolluted and once can enjoy a swim in the water and also one can lie down on the white sand. This beach is lined up with a lot of coconut trees and if you get a chance to drink the tender coconut water and the cut leg inside you shouldn’t miss it. It’s just yum.

Velneshwar is a very clean beach and its situated near a village called Velneshwar hence the name Velneshwar beach. It’s a beach that doesn’t have rocks so one can go for a swim without having to fear anything. This beach is located at around 297 km from Mumbai and around 254 km from Pune and its one of the lesser crowded beaches available.

Temples at Velneshwar

Dashbhuja Ganesh Temple, Hedavi

There are a few temples to visit at Velneshwar Beach. Velneshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is the main tourist attraction at Velneshwar and tourists visit this temple especially on Maha Shivratri to take blessings. Dashabhuja Ganesh Mandir at Hedvi is also one of the tourist places near Velneshwar.

Hedvi Beach

Hedavi Beach

At this place called Brahmanghal in Hedvi you can see that there is a very rare thing which is also very natural in nature, it’s the water that gushes through the gorge that has been created from the sea into the water column which is almost 20 to 30 feet high.

Shastri River:

Shastri River is located on the northern side of Velneshwar Beach. This river covers a stretch of around 14.4 km in Velneshwar.

Other places you should not miss on your trip to Velneshwar are:

  • Anjanwale Fort, Velneshwar
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple, Velneshwar
  • Uma Mahesh Mandir, Velneshwar
  • Vyaghrambary Mandir, Velneshwar

People traveling from Mumbai can reach this place by road or by train and the nearest train station is Velneshwar. If you live in a city you are covered under a thick polluted blanket, but has soon as you step out of the city it brings freshness to your life.

The palm trees, the coconut trees, the cashew trees are a delight to watch. And you travel during the season time you might just about get lucky to eat a cashew fruit. At Velneshwar and the surrounding areas, one can really enjoy the food that the locals prepare.

The masalas and authentic way of cooking is simply amazing. One of my tastes the lovely variety of mouthwatering dishes available.

So am sure you already excited and are planning a trip down south, it’s a lovely getaway for many living in city congested lifestyle. A good place to rejuvenate oneself.

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