Bahrot caves

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I am Bahrot Caves – the only Parsi/Zoroastrian Cave temple in India. I am located near Dahanu and stand as a testimony of the awe inspiring story of the strength and valor of Zarathosti ancestors saving their faith against all odds.

I am made of water cisterns placed in a line of seven forming a cliff face. The cisterns are carved on the face of Bahrot Hill that forms a huge outline of the Western Ghats. The hill itself is located in a secluded area and is accessible only by trekking a very steep path for 4km. placed on a steep cliff of the hill I can be seen from the eastern edge of the hill and while visiting me, you will still find stone outlines of old structures inside the fort. When the British came, they named Bahrot Peak as St. John’s peak.

The cisterns of which I am made of are rectangular shaped tanks that were used for holding water and two of my cisterns are actually carved from the rock and are supported by pillars. The cisterns at Bahrot Caves were filled up to brim during monsoon and could hold water and the largest of them could hold water for an entire year.

But unfortunately only one of the cisterns at Bahrot Caves holds water now and that also till the month of January or early February and not for the entire year. Pottery, glassware and coins dating back to the Sassanian period of Iran and used by my Zarathosti occupants were found inside me and if you want a chance to stand face to face with history I assure never to disappoint you.

Best Time to Visit Bahrot Caves Bordi

As summer here is pretty hot and humid and there is medium to heavy rainfall in monsoon, August to February is the best time to pay me a visit. I am located only at a distance of 8 KM from Bordi and is among the most important historical sites in the state of Maharashtra.

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