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Situated at Dahanu, in Maharashtra, India; Bahrot caves are one of the beautiful caves and they are located at about 8 kms from Bordi and in the Bahrot hills that are about 1500 feet high. Parsi people have a special and extreme significance towards the Bahrot caves and these caves posses a story behind them from the ancestors of the Parsis and hence these caves have a string historical and religious significance for the Parsis.

The climates at the Bahrot caves i.e near Bordi are always extreme i.e too hot in the summers and too cool in the period of winter; but still if one wants to feel and experience the best climate here, then the ideal time to visit Bahrot caves is monsoons and winter.

There are many attractive places to see at and near to Bahrot caves.

Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple:

It is a beautiful temple of Jain Tirthanker Shri Mallinath. If one wishes to spend his or her time at a quiet place, this is one of the best peaceful places there since the atmosphere around the temple is very quiet and wonderful. The temple possesses a very beautiful idol of Lord Mallinath.

Bordi Beach:

Bordi is a very beautiful beach situated at Dahanu, in the Thane District, Maharashtra, India. The beach is peaceful and since it is near to Mumbai, it is a good place to enjoy a short trip for the Mumbai people.

Aswali Dam:

Aswali Dam is a small yet very beautiful dam is Bordi. The surrounding climate is also divine with beautiful views of mountains and reservoir. The best time to visit is of course June to October, when the climate becomes extremely wonderful.

Kalpataru Botanical Gardens:

Kalpataru Botanical Garden is situated in Umargaon, which is at a distance of 10 kms from Bordi. Kalpataru is a marine village which is well known for the beautiful trees surrounding the Garden. This botanical Garden is preserved and managed by the Dahanu Municipal Authorities. The ideal and best time to visit Kalpataru Botanical Garden is the monsoons.

Dahanu Fort:

Dahanu fort is one of the good places to see at Dahanu that traces its history back before 400 years. The fort was under the british earlier and then after the independence it was converted into the jail. The walls of the fort are made up of cut stones, the walls are 10 ft thick and 38 ft high.

Other Places to Visit Near Bahrot Caves

Bassein Beach

Kelwa Beach

Palghar Beach

Marve Manori Beach

Jawhar Hill Station

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