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Situated in the Kharosa village, Kharosa caves are located at a distance of 45 kms from the Latur city, in Latur district of Maharashtra, India. There are 12 beautiful caves in total, having an image of seated Jain Tirthankaras. These wonderful caves were built during the Gupta period in 6th century.

The other prime attractions at the Kharosa caves are the beautiful sculptures of Narasimha, Shiva Parvati, Kartikeya and Ravana. There is a beautiful Renuka Devi’s temple in one of the caves.
There are many attractive places to visit near Kharosa Caves.


Located close to Udgir town, Hattibet-Devarjan is renowned for the Samadhi of Gangaram Maharaj. Finding its roots back to the medieval period, the place also has several different types of cave carvings. The place has connection of Hyderabad freedom fighters who took birth here and also lost their lives while doing the freedom struggle of Hyderabad. The Hattibet hills are famous for different types Ayurvedic herbs.

Ganj Golai:

Located in the heart of city, Ganj Gorai is a popular round shaped beautiful building. This Ganj Golai building is connected to the Latur city through 16 roads. The building is host to the Goddess Jagdamba and this is one of the famous attractions in Latur.

Udgir Fort:

Situated at the Udgir city, in the Latur district of Maharashtra, India; Udgir fort was built in pre- Bahamani age and it is the site of battles between Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad. There is a Samadhi of Gangaram Maharaj as well on a small hill.

Siddheshwar Temple, Latur:

Siddheshwar temple is situated at about 2 kms from Latur city. King Tamradwaj built this beautiful temple. At this place, an annual fair is held where large number of devotees visits every year.

Nilanga Temple:

Located at about 50 kms away from the Latur city, Nilanga temple is a beautiful temple constructed in the Hemadpanthi architectural style. The Nilanga temple was built between 12th and 13th centuries and it has an old Shiva Linga. This is a beautiful temple having star shaped with overlapping squares.

Surat Shawali Darga:

Situated at Patel Chowk, Ram Galli, in the Latur city; the Surat Shwali Darga was constructed in memory of a Muslim saint Saif Ulla Shah Sardari in 1939 AD. At Darga, an annual fair is conducted in the months of June or July for five days.

Namanand Maharaj Ashram:

Namanand Maharaj Ashram is located at about 8 kms from the Latur city, in Mahapur. This Ashram is situated on the banks of the Manjara River and it has Samadhi of Namanand Maharaj.

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