Mahakali caves

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I Mahakali Caves also known as Kondivita Caves am a group of  19 rock cut monuments and we were constructed between 1st and 6th century B.C. this group of rock cut monuments is located in the western suburb of Andheri in the city of Mumbai , Maharashtra in western  part of  India.

Mahakali caves are a Buddhist monastery. The caves have a distinct division of two. One is situated that is a group of 4 more towards the North West and the other part which is a big group of 15 is located more towards the north east of the area. Mahakali caves are a group of Buddhist monastery beautifully carved out of rocks.

Mahakali caves are carved out of solid basalt rock. They are also known as viharas or cells for monks. The monks used to stay in these cells. But the cave no 9 of the south eastern group is a chaitya or a prayer hall. The Mahakali caves in the north western part were carved out in 4th or 5th century B.C where as the caves in the south eastern wing are older.

The Mahakali Caves are one of the finest specimens of rock cut Buddhist monastery.  The cave no 9 the largest of the caves have images of Lord Buddha engraved on them but they are not clearly visible as they have become mutilated.

The Mahakali Caves are located on the jogeshwari-vikroli link road. The caves are located on a hill that overlooks this link road and the government runs buses to these caves.

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