Pitalkhora Caves

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I Pitalkhora Caves am a group of 14 rock cut monuments located in the Satmala range of Western Ghats of Maharashtra in the western part of India. I date back to 3rd century B.C. I am a really old group of rock cut monuments in India. One of the earliest form of rock cut cave architectures of India.

The Pitalkhora Caves very striking due to one very important factor. And that is it is situated on a stiff slope and most of the architecture is carved out on that stiff slope with no protection what so ever. They are very much open to the stiff weather conditions. These Pitalkhora caves due to this disadvantage have lost its importance with the passing time.

The Pitalkhora Caves are situated in a remote part of the city and only stiff rocks as its address. Owing to, these caves have very few visitors and no maintenance has been done and no step has been taken on the part of the government to preserve it.

This has lead to the disappearance of the architecture which otherwise is of very high state. And it has got fewer visitors owing to ibis remoteness.

The Pitalkhora Caves are made out of basalt rock and are fourteen in number. Though most of them have got corroded but it still exists. The Pitalkhora Caves are important from one very important point of view and that is it has traces of both Mahayana and Hinayana sect of Buddhism and speaks volumes about them.

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