How to Reach Pitalkhora Caves

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Located at the 25 km distance of west of the Kannad, Maharashtra, India; Pitalkhora Caves are situated on the Aurangabad- Chalisgaon road and also at around 48 km distance from the famous Ellora caves. Even though these caves are lesser known than the Ajanta- Ellora caves, Pitalkhora caves possess very beautiful architectural structures. Pitalkhora Caves consist of 14 Buddhist caves forming beautiful rock-cut architecture. These caves are one of the best monuments in the Maharashtra. The Pitalkhora Caves contain paintings and carvings which find their roots long back in the period of 2nd century BC.

Many of the carvings and paintings have been damaged due to time and because of the some climatic conditions, but most of the caves are still unbroken. The origin of the Pitalkhora caves seems to be from the old and early Buddhist period. The main entrance of the caves has a big balcony which contains statues of the snake, guards and the elephants.

How to Reach Pitalkhora Caves By Road:

State buses are available from the cities like Mumbai, Pune, Shirdi, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Ahmedabad, Dhule, Hyderabad etc to Aurangabad. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) handles the buses management. One can get the frequent buses to Aurangabad from these cities. It is also possible to catch a taxi from the Aurangabad to Pitalkhora.

How to Reach Pitalkhora Caves By Train:

Since Aurangabad is one of the well connected cities; it is also directly linked to the Mumbai and Pune from where the visitors can catch a train. Jalgaon is the nearest railhead, which is at around 59 kms distance from the Ellora. From Mumbai to Aurangabad, two trains Tapovan Express and Devgiri Express depart daily.

How to Reach Pitalkhora Caves By Air:

Closest Airport to Pitalkhora Caves is Chikalthana, which is at the distance of 12 kms from the Aurangabad city and 30 kms from Ellora. Since Aurangabad is a well connected to the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur etc, one can catch a direct flight to the Aurangabad.

Distance from Major Cities to Pitalkhora Caves

  • Chalisgaon to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 36 KM
  • Aurangabad to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 78 KM
  • Dhule to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 90 KM
  • Malegaon to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 94 KM
  • Kopargaon to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 98 KM
  • Manmad to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 103 KM
  • Jalgaon to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 135 KM
  • Nashik to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 200 KM
  • Pune to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 283 KM
  • Mumbai to Pitalkhora Caves Distance – 365 KM

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