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Goa Tourism | Places to Visit in Goa

I am Goa, also popularly known as the Pearl of the East and I am famous for my colonial period Portuguese style churches and ruins, long palm fringed beaches, coconut groves and a lively and vibrating local culture. With my 131 km long coast line I am a must visit place for tourists from all over the world and am also every year visited by thousands of tourists.

A perfect combination of sun, sea and heaven makes me an ideal vacation destination for people looking for relaxation and I am truly one of the most special places in the country. I am in a place that is blessed with fabulous weather almost all throughout the year, stunningly beautiful and picture perfect beaches, awe inspiring Portuguese-era cathedrals and a unique cultural legacy which turns me into one of India’s most visited tourism destination.

Located on the western coast of the Indian peninsula I am made of hilly regions in the east, central valleys, flood plains and coastal beaches and also has a history that dates back to the third century BC during the rule of the Mauryan dynasty. During the colonial period I was under the Portuguese and still bear their mark prominently all over my body and culture.

There is an extensive network of motorable roads that connects all different parts of Goa and there are public as well as private tourist buses plying all over me allowing tourists to commute between any two destinations without any kind of inconvenience.

Apart from the bus private tourist taxis are also available for hire and I am perhaps the only place in India where you will find motorcycle taxis. Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are also available for hire and these are no doubt the fastest and the most economical mode of transport for tourists and local residents as well.

I have a cultural tradition that dates back to the early days of the civilization and presently I carry a cultural heritage that is enriched by absorption and assimilation of local indigenous culture with alien features.

The lively rhythm and rugged vitality of my folk music and folk dances and a wide range of different types of local music instruments give us a unique and prominent place among all different Indian cultures and folk dance forms, such as, Dhalo, Fugdi, Corridinho, Mando and the traditional performing art forms like hell-Tiatro and Jagar-perani only reflect the colors and depth of my local culture and those have also traversed beyond the borders of mine and have become nationally popular.

If you are planning to visit me I can do it anytime of the year, including the monsoon and the winter. Though a visit during the monsoon might make you miss out the adventure water sport options, but if you are looking for less crowd this can be a wonderful time.

Goa is not much cold during the winter and the winter months along with the spring that is from October to April is considered to be the best time for paying me a visit. The carnival also takes place during that time of the year and can be a truly exhilarating experience. During the summer I have a tropical hot and humid climate with temperature reaching highest during the month of May and that might not be a very good time for you to come and see me.

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