Jalgaon Tourism

Jalgaon Tourism | Places to Visit in Jalgaon

I am Jalgaon city located on the northern Deccan Plateau, to the north of the Maharashtra state. I am a modern city with commercial establishments, health care units and good educational centers. I share my proximity with the Ajanta caves that has increased my tourism importance. As per Jalgaon history, I was found by the Marathas, Sardar Tulajirao Bhoite is my founder who belonged to the Satara district.

Facts of Jalgaon City

It is mentioned in the Jalgaon city guide that I have 68 km2 as my total area, with 460,468 as my total population. Marathi is the official language and most of my people speak in this language only. Hindi and English are very well understood, too. I do not have an airport, but I am well connected with Central Railway zone and National Highway 6. Thus, I enjoy a good connectivity by road and rail. I am also known by the name of “Banana city” as half of the entire banana production of the state comes from me. My people produce 3% of the world’s banana production. The population of Jalgaon city enjoys an impressive literacy rate of 76%.

Climate and Weather in Jalgaon

I experience an exceptionally high and dry temperature during summers with temperature reaching as high as 42 degree Celsius. I am known to receive about 700 mm rainfall during the rainy season. Pleasant temperature is in winter, hence, it is advised to pay me a visit for tourism during October to March.

Jalgaon Tourist Places

I, Jalgaon in Maharashtra, abound in tourist places. To name some of them, I will be glad to announce the Swinging Towers of Farkande, Gandhi Teerth (only Mahatma Gandhi museum using the audio guide facility in Hindi, English and Marathi), Mahatma Gandhi Green, Maharshi Kanva Ashram, Waghur dam, Echhapurti Ganesh temple, Ajanta Caves that is just 57 km off Jalgaon, Padmalaya, Manudevi (best to visit during monsoon), Mehrun lake, Pal Sanctuary, Unapdev: Hot Water Spring, Muktainagar etc. Jalgaon tourism that is discovering my beauty is an interesting affair.

Culture in Jalgaon

Several art and craft shops are populated across my land, with attractive shopping destinations. Nightlife is good with multi-cuisine restaurant, pubs, bars and multiplexes, attractive party venues, discos and music clubs spread across my land. Several modern establishments are yet to take place in my history of Jalgaon. Foods of all types are available in my land for feasting. So, when do you plan to visit me? I eagerly await your arrival.

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