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I am Pune. Known to exist as a town since 847AD., I am one of the oldest cities in India and now the second largest city in Maharashtra and the seventh largest in the entire country. If Mumbai is the financial capital of the state I am the cultural capital of Maharashtra.

Today I am not only a major manufacturing and automobile hub, but I am also home to a good number of public and private sector IT, education, management and training research institutes.

I am also known to be a perfect epitome of Marathi culture and the form of Marathi language spoken by my residents is considered as the standard form of the language. During my close to 600 years of existence I have developed an eclectic amalgamation of cosmopolitan culture and contemporary thinking those are strung together with a strong sense of tradition and self-identity.

Though a major part of mine has been transformed into a veritable concrete jungle but still I am much greener and offer comparatively quieter life to my citizens than most other major metros in the country and presently occupy the second-best position in terms of quality of life offered by all major Indian cities. Due to the presence of a plethora of educational institutes there is a massive congregation of students from all over the world and that is the reason I have also received my name the Oxford of the East.

I am not only a city for the students, but every year thousands of tourists visit me from all over the country. Dotted with ancient Marathi and old colonial style architecture those exist side by side with modern architectural marvels created by famous and renowned architects from all over the world and a lot of greenery you will simply fall in love with me on your very first visit.

Shopping in Pune

As a number of high end shopping malls have come up during the last few years, tourists also enjoy their shopping in Pune. Moreover, I also boast of an excellent public transport infrastructure connecting every single part of the city and if you come to meet me traveling from one part of mine to another is never going to cause you any problem.

Apart from the temples, museums, great architectural specimens and gardens I also offer my guests superb natural beauty in and around the city and there is both public and private transport available for easy commuting to different parts of mine as well as the suburbs.

Along with Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited, buses run by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation are also available and I am also well connected by all other major cities in India by road rail and air transport. I am a city that is embraced by pleasant weather all around the year and any time of the year is the best time to come and visit me. But for leisure tourists, the winter months, from October to March or April is considered as the best time to pay me a visit.

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