Ahmednagar Fort

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Ahmednagar Fort is regarded as one of the most well-planned forts. Ahmednagar is robust and strongly built and 24 bastions are currently strengthened. Ahmednagar Fort is situated near the Bhingar Nala in the heart of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Its location makes it easier for the tourists to reach Ahmednagar Fort either by rail or by road. The shape of the Ahmednagar Fort is intriguing as it is oval-shaped with 1.70 km circumference.

Ahmednagar Fort

Ahmednagar Fort is the talk of the town because of its association with numerous freedom fighters of India who sacrificed their lives for the independence of this country. The fort has an enthralling history as well. Husain Nizam Shah built the fort in 1559 A.D.

Ahmednagar Fort witnessed a valiant defense by Chandbibi against Mughals in 1596 A.D. However, Akbar conquered the in 1600 A.D. Ultimately it came under the British and was used as a prison during the British raj.

The first prime minister of India, Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was kept as a prisoner here during the Quit India Movement along with other Stalwarts like Sardar Vallabhai Patel, and Maulana Azad. Nehru penned his famous book “Discovery of India” while he was being kept in here. This makes the Ahmednagar Fort historically important.

The tourists flock here to see the design and beauty of the fort. They are given adventurous entrance to the fort as both of its entrances require going over the moat. Tourists find it engrossing and appealing. They also appreciate a number of structures and high walls that are archaic and ancient.

There have been several improvements done to the Ahmednagar Fort including conservation of the walls, and development of parking place. Ahmednagar Fort is currently under the Indian Army’s Armoured Corps.

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