Alang Fort

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Alang Fort is one of the most difficult places to visit. But having said this, the kind of adventure and thrill that Alang Gad offers the visitors is inexpressible. The tourists undergo a complete transformation after visiting the Alang fort. They have fun, adventure, thrill, and some daring moments of their life while coming towards the Alang Gad.

The labyrinth path that is traversed to reach Alang Fort enhances the pleasure of the journey. The amazing views of the surroundings including the Madan fort which it offers from the top are really rewarding.

alang fort

Alang Fort is located in Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra. Alang fort, along with Mandangad and Kulang, augments the beauty of the Kalsubai range of the Western Ghats.

Trek to Alang Madan Kulang

The trek to Alang fort is known as Alang Malang Kulang Trek (AMK Trek). This Trek is known as one of the most difficult treks in the region of Maharashtra. The three forts are regarded as the toughest to be reached. This is because of the climatic conditions in this area.

Alang Gad usually receives a lot of rainfall. This, along with the difficult terrain, mystifying path, and dense forests around the fort make it difficult to reach Alang Fort in a planned manner, so, trekking towards Alang Gad in a team is always enjoyable. Alang fort test the visitor’s patience, mental toughness, and stamina.

History of Alang Fort

The history of the Alang fort is gripping as the British Raj who had control over the fort blasted off steps in order to prevent revolutionaries from invading the Alang fort. This isolated the Alang fort from the rest of the area but it managed to preserve itself. Actually, it is still a big challenge to reach Alang Fort by following a definite path.

Alang Fort in Nashik is U-shaped and it has a temple of Lord Shiva. Alang Gad has two caves in the front and there are some water tanks as well. Whereas one cave is small, the other one is spacious and can accommodate a lot of visitors.

Other Destinations Near Alang Fort

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