Prabalgad Fort

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I am Prabalgad Fort. I am located between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra. The tourists laud me, as I offer them one of the most adventurous moments of their life. This is because I am located at an elevation of 2300 feet.
I am one of the exotic places to visit and youngsters and adults love to trek to me. I offer a good thrilling time as the tourists enjoy the adventure of ascending a steep climb. However, I advise the people who have vertigo to be careful while descending.

My historical significance is also appealing as I am a symbol of grit and determination. I was conquered by Shivaji in 1657 post a fierce battle with the Mughals. The Mughals started panicking and committing suicide as Shivaji approached them. However, I witnessed the greatness of Shivaji when he sent a woman and her grandchildren who to their village with respect and dignity.

Such is my association with the history that makes me alluring place to visit. Tourists flock in great numbers to feel my association with Great Shivaji despite of my tough geographical location and features. I feel completely flattered by this gesture of tourists.

I offer a beautiful and daunting journey for all the excitement lovers. The way to me is full of dense jungles and fiery winds. The whole trek to me is daunting and strenuous. However, this gives people some of the most exotic challenges of their life.

They are filled with pleasure once they come at my top and see the panoramic view around. They visit the temple in my abode and are fascinated by the archaic fort ramparts. It is so calm and soothing. I feel elated to be able to provide tourists with amazing natural beauty. They feel connected to nature, reinvigorate, and refresh themselves after.

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