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Pratapgad Fort literally ‘Valour Fort’ is situated in the Satara district of the Indian western state of Maharashtra. It is an important tourist place as it was the site of the battle of Pratapgad. It is situated 15 kilometers from Poladpur and 23 kilometers west of Mahabaleshwar, a popular hill station in that area. The Pratapgad Fort is 1080 m above sea level and is located at a point that overlooks the road between the two villages – the Par village and the Kinesvar village.

Two routes take you to Pratapgad Fort. One is via Mahad –Poladpur and the other is via Wai- Mahabaleshwar. There is a small village named Kumbhreshi (Vad/WADA) that can be reached from either side. On south-east side there is a village named Par. The path passing between the two places take you to Pratapgada Fort.

How to Reach Pratapgad Fort by Road

Pratapgad Fort is usually visited as a day trip from Mahabaleshwar hill station that is 23 kilometers away. You can also take a ST bus from Panvel to Poladpur at night and wait at Poladpur  ST stand for the first ST to WADA  bus that comes around 7am. From WADA village you can hire 4 –wheeler to the base of the Pratapgad fort.

You can take another fantastic trekking road that is less evident. On asking the villagers, you can find the adventurous trekking path, surrounded by greenery. If you travel by the main road, you can easily find the arrows on the road indicating the exact path that lead to the old rock stairs.  If you take this road, you can go walking to the top of the Pratapgad Fort and it would take just 30 minutes. Earlier the Malwas took this old route. The government constructed the main road when the bronze statue of Shivaji Maharaj was mounted in the Pratapgad Fort. This fort is well-accessed by cabs and buses.

How to Reach Pratapgad Fort by Train

Satara Railway Station situated near the city center is the nearest railway station to Pratapgad Fort. The nearest railway station is within 46 km range.

How to Reach Pratapgad Fort by Air

Karad airport is nearest airport located in Satara district. It is located around 125 KM from Pratapgad and t is currently being used for General aviation and pilot training. Mumbai airport is the international airport located around 225 KM from Pratapgad. From Mumbai one can reach Pratapgad by train or road.

Several routes take you to Pratapgad Fort, you need to check on your budget and comfort to take a suitable path to discovering this magnificent location.

Pratapgad Fort Map

Explore Pratapgad Fort with map. Pratapgad Fort Map showing city attractions, roads, hospitals, police stations and many important places. Get complete information about Pratapgad and plan your holidays.

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