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To defend the banks of Nira and Koyna rivers and to defend the Par pass, Shivaji built the Pratapgad Fort in 1656. This fort is popular for the famous battle of Pratapgarh. The fort is divided into lower and upper fort. The upper fort is built on the crest of the hill, includes the temple of Lord Mahadev, and is located in the northwest of the fort. The lower fort is located at the southeast of the fort and is defended by towers and bastions that are 10-12 meters high. Some of the top tourist attractions near Pratapgad fort are as follows.

The statue of Shivaji

This is a 17-foot high equestrian bronze statue. It was unveiled on 30th November 1957 by India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. In 1960, a guesthouse and national park was built.

The Afzal Khan Tower

This tower was been built after the battle of Pratapgad. It is believed that the legendary Mughal king Afzal Khan’s body is laid to rest under this tower.

Bhavani temple

Bhawani Temple is on the eastern side of the lower fort. The wooden pillars support the temple and the shrine is constructed from gold, where the black stone image of goddess Bhavani is kept for worship. The temple has a sword of Maratha general Hambirao Mohite that is adorned with 6 diamond stones and signifies that he had killed 600 soldiers.

Mount Malcolm

This is a magnificent mansion near Pratapgad Fort that harks back the British colonial era. It holds immense historical significance as the evidence of the colonial rule can be seen in its grand architecture.

Bombay Point

Itis the sunset Point and a scenic spot for Nature lovers and is a beautiful place to watch the serene sunset.

God Shankar temple

This place is for God lovers and religious place for Hindus. It has a self-appearing or ‘Swayambhoo’ mahalinga of lord Shiva.  It is also known as Trigunatmaka that signifies the trio Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha who are embodied in the mahalinga.

Panchganga Mandir

Panchganga temple is constructed at the confluence of five rivers- Venna, Krishna, Savitri, Koyna, Gayatri. Throughout the year, the devotees visit this temple. The temple has a beautifully carved gaumukh.

Pratapgad can reach easily from famous hill stations Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. Sajjangad and Vasota fort are located near Pratapgad. Hence it is advisable to visit these locations when you are at Pratapgad.

Other Destinations near Pratapgad Fort

Panchgani Hill Station


Sajjangad Fort

Vasota Fort

Ajinkyatara Fort

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

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