Ratangad Fort

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Ratangad Fort is one of the most treasured forts of Shivaji Maharaj who conquered it from the Mughals. Ratangad Fort is located in Ratanwadi, Maharashtra and it is around 200 decades old. The beauty of Ratangad Fort and the scenic views of Kalasubai peak offer enchant the visitors.

Ratangad Fort

Ratangad is the origin of River Pravara, which is also known as Amrutvahini. The ancient temple called Amruteshwar temple is also in the vicinity of Ratangad. Ratangad Fort has many wells and four gates, called Ganesh, Hanuman, Konkan, and Trimbak.

The literal meaning of the name Ratangad is a place full of jewels. Ratangad Fort lives fully up to its name as some regard it as a little paradise. Ratangad Fort has so much to offer to the visitors. Right from the historical links where it was the most cherished possession of king Shivaji Maharaj to its association with the temple Amruteshwar Ratangad Fort become the place of reverence and respect.

Besides this, Ratangad Fort has something to delight the trekkers as well as the photographers who are completely mesmerized by its scintillating beauty. The trekkers love to take this adventurous journey to come to Ratangad Fort.

They all go up to Ratangad peak and witness the cavity at the top of the Ratangad Fort which is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Eye of the Needle.’ From there they get astonishing views of nature. People who love photography regard, Ratangad Fort, as heaven because of the panoramic views it offers from the top.

Besti time to visit Ratangad Fort

Trekkers find themselves completely transformed once they have the experience of visiting Ratangad Fort. Tourists flock Ratangad from June to February as they can capture the beautiful sceneries during this period.

Ratangad Fort historical link with Agastya Rishi is equally engrossing. The rishi meditated here and performed penance. As a reward, two drops of ‘Amrut’ were dropped on Ratangad. Since then there is a continuous flow of water from Ratangad Fort, which has resulted in the origin of the river Pravara. This is the reason why the river is also known as ‘Amrutvahini.’

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