Sajjangad Fort

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I am Sajjangad Fort – the place known to offer solace and peace of mind. I am located near the city of Satara in the state of Maharasthra. What makes me appealing and grand is that I am the final resting place of the great saint Ramdas Swami.

He was the spiritual guide and Guru of the great Maratha King Shivaji. He has contributed immensely towards the establishment of the Maratha Kingdom in this area. His poems and books are very popular. One of the books called ‘Dasbodh’ is read with reverence and contains very inspirational and spiritual thoughts of the great Guru.

The literal meaning of my name is the place of good people. All people who come here undergo a transformation as the atmosphere is filled with respect and veneration towards the Guru and Lord Ram.

The idols of God Rama on the top and the Samadhi of Ramdas Swami in the basement offer a soothing and calming effect on the devotees. They are completely spellbound by the aura and environment.

The small water reservoir and an old temple add to the calmness even more as visitors enjoy the serenity and tranquility I offer. There is also a way towards right as soon as the tourists approach me. Visitors love to visit “Ramghal,” the place of meditation for Ramdas Swami which is to the right of my entrance.

I am open for tourists between sunrise and sunset only. So, it is better to make proper arrangements beforehand. Tourists can easily get to half way down the hill with the public transport or their personal vehicles.

They are amazed by the poems of Swami Ramdas painted on both the sides of the road. The whole atmosphere is so serene, soothing, and captivating. The tourists can enter from either Shivaji Maharaj Entrance or Lokmanya Tilak Entrance. They can visit the temple or buy some beautiful books from the bookstore, which are great treasures to possess.

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