Sangram Durg, Chakan

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Sangram Durg Fort – the name that symbolizes grit, determination, courage, and valor. Sangramgad has managed to get the name registered in the golden pages of history because of the fort keeper Firangoji Narasala, a Maratha, who showed such audacity to save the fort that his effort became immortal.

The Marathas still revere him and he has immortalized Sangramgad as well. Sangramgad is the talk of the town because of its historical significance and people visit Sangram Durg in order to connect to the brave attempts of fearlessness made by this fort keeper in 1660.

Sangramgad Fort in Maharashtra

History of Sangramgad Fort

At Sangramgad Firangoji Narsala fought against thousands of Mughals with only 200 soldiers at his disposal. The fort witnessed Firangoji’s resistance against the mighty Mughals for 55 days. This daring act of his won the heart of Shivaji Maharaj and he was again made the fort keeper of some other fort.

Sangramgad Fort is landlocked and located just 30 km. from Pune at Chakan. Visitors come to Sangramgad to get strength and energy from the fort’s inspiring walls and ramparts. The visitors are greeted by a cannon which is placed just outside the fort. They also pay their obeisance to the old temple of Chakreshwar which is located inside the fort.

The Sangramgad Fort is indebted to the administration for preserving some of its ancient sculptures and idols as well, including Bhoo Varaha idol, and some of the Shivalingas. The Bhoo Varaha idol is actually an avatar of Lord Vishnu as a boar.

Sangramgad has a water tank and a Samadhi as well which is dedicated to the Sage Shandilya. It also has a newly built Tuljabhavani temple, which is adorned with beautiful colors and is appealing to the eyes.

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