Shivneri Fort

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I am Shivneri Fort – the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who was the founder of Maratha Empire. This association has made me a sacred location and government too has declared me as a protected monument. I am honored to witness the birth of Shivaji on 19th February 1630.

As Shahaji Raje, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s father, was concerned about the safety of his wife Jijabai when she was pregnant he decided to trust me and I too stood up to his expectations. Not only this, I, Shivneri Fort still cherish the moments when Shivaji used to play here during his childhood.

I am triangular and I have several rock-hewn cisterns and ponds. The important quality of two of my ponds called Ganges and Yamuna is that they have water throughout the year. The tourists are awe-struck by the dazzling beauty of the ponds at Shivneri Fort.

I am very happy at the renovations carried out recently and now the house where Shivaji was born has been restored and looks amazing. The addition of a temple called Shivakunja with statues of Shivaji and Jijabai is marvelous and breathtaking.

I was completely flattered when Sir Richard Temple remarked about me saying, “You will see what a rugged precipitous place this is and what a fitting spot it was for a hero to be born in!”

The best thing is I am just 90 Kms. from Pune and easily accessible. Other features, which make me charming and appealing, include Badami Talav that is situated right in the centre. Then there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Shivai that is also revered a lot.

There is a mosque as well at Shivneri Fort whose two towers an arch, which looks archaic and stunning, joins. Moreover, the steep rocks, the high boundary walls, and the rugged terrain make me an ideal place for trekkers. They come here and have a lot of fun as they enjoy my physical attributes and connect with my historical significance.

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