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Jawhar is a hill station placed at an elevation of 518m. It is about 80 km from Nasik and 180 km far from Mumbai. Arranged in the Thane area, Jawhar is known for its pleasant setting and a vibrant cultural legacy.

It is one of the precise few tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra and is celebrated internationally for its vibrant Warli painted creations that are a trademark historic point of this spot. Other than trekking in the hills, one can acknowledge and purchase the Warli works of art. Given below is a list of all the tourist places to see at Jawhar.

Sunset Point, Jawhar

Sunset Point Jawhar

The Sunset Point is a regular touring attraction of Jawhar. The spot is known for its beautiful surroundings and the nightfall view. Its other huge attraction is the sanctuary of Gramadaivat arranged here. It is a picturesque sightseeing at Jawhar spot.

Jai Vilas palace, Jawhar

Jai Vilas palace Jawhar

The Jai Vilas Palace is the most famous noteworthy touring objective of the city of Jawhar. This palace is otherwise called Raj Bari and used to be the private palace of the lords of Munke gang.

This palace is placed on a hilltop and because of its area, it was utilized by the lords to keep an eye on their adversaries. Its most alluring characteristic is its vaults while its surroundings contain lavish green backwoods. It is one of the many historical places to see at Jawhar.

Shirpamal, Jawhar

Shirpamal Jawhar

The Shirpamal is a well-known structure of the extraordinary head of the Martha Kingdom, Chhatrapati Shivaji, arranged on the highest point of a hill. This structure is 3 centuries old and is spotted on the apex of the most elevated hill. This hill was in days of yore used to keep an eye on the adversaries throughout wars. The spot additionally gives a complete perspective of the city of Jawhar.

Hanuman Point, Jawhar

hanuman point jawhar

The Hanuman Point is an alternate characteristic touring attraction of Jawhar Hill Station. Consistent with legends, Hanuman, who was the pupil of Lord Ram rested here while traveling crosswise over to meet Lord Ram’s sibling, Bharath because of which the spot got its name.

This point lies close to the celebrated internationally Jai Vilas Palace of Jawhar city and is it’s one of the prime tourist areas. The spot gives a surrounding perspective of the adjacent valley. Its foundation comprises of green woods and vaults of Jai Vilas Palace. It is also a part of the many tourist places at Jawhar.

Bhopatgad Fort, Jawhar

The Bhopatgad Fort is a prominent noteworthy touring attraction of Jawhar. The fort is a bit smaller one developed by Chhatrapati Shivaji. This fort is likewise unequivocally identified with the Martha Kingdom. Consistent with legends, Chhatrapati used to hold his official and particular gatherings in this fort.

The fort is made of incapacitated rocks and has dull internal chambers. The fort is likewise said to have been gone to by Lord Ram, his wife Sita, and his children Lava and Kusha. It is a historic as well as religious sightseeing at Jawhar point.

Dabdaba Falls, Jawhar

The Dabdaba Falls is a regular grand touring end of Jawhar. It’s most famous attraction is its high and spouting waterfall. Its surroundings involve thick woods and some cutting edge advancements.

Dabdaba Watarfall Jawhar

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