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Chikhaldara has been a beautiful Hill station in the state of Maharashtra, India. This place has got a unique specialty for having the cultivation of coffee because of it is the noteworthy altitude of 1118 m. This hill station has enormous wild animals like panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar and also very infrequent wild dogs.

It is proximate to well-known Melghat tiger project that contains 82 tigers. Sakkar Taalab deliveries water to entire Chikhaldara. This is greatly tied up with the cities like Paratwada, Amravati, Akola, Betul, Khandwa, and Nagpur. Sightseeing at Chikhaldara makes anyone engrave their travel experiences in their heart forever.

Sightseeing at Chikhaldara comprises Tourist places of Gugamal National Park, Chikhaldara wildlife sanctuary, Chikhaldara waterfalls, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Devi Point, Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, Narnala Fort, Wan Sanctuary, Panchbol Point, Hariken Point, Semadoh Lake and Gawaligad Fort.

Gugamal National Park, Chikhaldara

Gugamal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best Chiklaldara points to visit. This park ranges a vast area ofaround361.28 square km. Made to its own standard in the year 1987. Melghat Tiger Service consists of this national park. It is well known for wildlife like the tiger, sloth bear, python, cheetah, wild bear, panther, leopard and so forth. The duration of March and June would be the favored time to stopover here.

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary:

Chikhaldara National Park is among the main places to visit in Chikhaldara. This site has the elevation of 1118m. Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is popular for its lakes, rich wildlife and waterfalls. The ideal time to get away here is between October and June.

Chikhaldara National Park
Chikhaldara National Park

Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, Chikhaldara

This Garden is most popular Chikhaldara places to visit on your tour. Pandit Nehru gardens at Chikhaldara also known as Government Garden or Company Garden. Some sporadic plants and flowers obtainable at this garden and also popular for many categories of rose flowers. Pandhari village is a part of this garden, termed as Gawali tribe inhabited in it.

Melghat Tiger Service, Chikhaldara:

Melghat Tiger Reserve is the significant home for tigers and must-see Chikhaldara tourist points. This place spread over an area of around 1597 square kilometer. Nilgai, flying squirrel, wild boar, wild dog, jackal, chital, mouse deer, and python are the other animals animate here apart from Tiger.

Melghat Tiger Reserve
Melghat Tiger Reserve

Devi Point, Chikhaldara

Devi Point is found nearby Shakkar Lake as well as to local bus stand. It is one of the best places to visit near Chikhaldara which contains a temple of the native goddess. Tourists can enjoy the sight of Amravati Fort from the peak of this point.

Panchbol Point, Chikhaldara

There are many places to see in Chikhaldara but this is one of the unique points to see. This point is situated close to the Bir Lake. As the name implies, if anyone screams here, their voice would be echoed five times, this makes the point distinct.

Panchbol Point Chikhaldara
Panchbol Point Chikhaldara

Wan Sanctuary, Chikhaldara

This place has hugely spread thick, dry forests. Melghat Tiger Reserve is prolonged to make Wan Sanctuary. Many wild animals live here like leopards, tigers, sambar, barking deer and wild dogs.

Narnala Fort, Chikhaldara

Your Chikhaldara sightseeing would not complete unless you visit Narnala fort. This fort has got another name as Shahanur Fort, located in Akola District of Maharashtra. It is well-thought-out to be one of the biggest forts on the Satpura Hill Range. Gond rulers built the fort in the time period of 15 century.

Narnala Fort, Chikhaldara
Narnala Fort, Chikhaldara

Hariken Point, Chikhaldara

This point is situated nearby the Government Garden. Vairat Hills, Mozari Village, Gawaligad Fort is viewable from this point.

Semadoh Lake, Chikhaldara

This Lake is must visit spot at one in Chikhaldara, situated in front of getting into the Gugamal National Park. It provides the amazing amenities for boating and fishing makes the travelers to be overjoyed. Panchbol Point and Crossland Roman Catholic Convent are notable neighboring places to this lake.

Thus Chikhaldara has been a legendary summer destination for tourists around Maharashtra. It has the best of scenic views, climate and sightseeing and honeymoon resorts. Hotels at Chikhaldara are effortlessly available and they are very famous for their accommodation and hospitality. So Chikhaldara can be perfectly designated as an oasis of warmth, splendor, magnificent and serenity. Sightseeing at Chikhaldara truly excites anyone without any question.

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