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India has many beautiful places to visit. From North to South and from Eastern to the Western part of India there are some breathtakingly beautiful places that you can visit and explore. In western India, there are some great places that you can plan to visit with friends and family.

Western Ghat is considered as one of the world heritage. Among various Lavasa hill station has become one of the popular tourist destinations there. This is the first planned hill city in India. Some part of Lavasa is still under construction.

Varasgaon Dam is around 65kms away from Pune. There at the bank of the reservoir called Pasalkar Lavasa is located. It is a luxury gateway for people who live in the western part of India and especially in Pune. If you are planning for a nice and enjoyable weekend trip then you can definitely think about Lavasa.

Mose Valley, Lavasa

Lavasa Lake

There are some nice places to see at Lavasa. The beauty of western ghat and the picturesque seven hills of Mose valley are the main attractions there. The leisure and tourism industry is growing in Lavasa. Many new hotels are opening up there.

The concept of Lavasa hill city is to compete with the other hill cities of India in terms of tourism. Lavasa has ensured world-class technology and state of the art connectivity there. It has already won multiple global awards.

Before planning a trip there it would be better to know more about the places for sightseeing at Lavasa. It would help you to plan your trip better. You can search on the internet to know more about the places to see at Lavasa. You will get to know about various attractions there.

Lavasa Experience Center

Boating at Lavasa

Lavasa’s experience center is another place to visit there. There are various activities you can take part in. Apart from that, there is a separate zone for the kids where they can play and enjoy. There is a 3D movie hall there where every day the visitors can watch various movies.

Dasve’s green countryside and Sahaydri hills are some of the places to visit at Lavasa. There you will also find some nice hotels to stay.

Activities to take part in Lavasa

For travel and recreation, Lavasa definitely offers a lot. To maximize the fun of your stay you need to opt for a hotel that would provide you a great view. You can search on the internet about the hotels. From the reviews and feedbacks, you will get to know about the best hotels there.

Water sports are an absolute must-do for the visitors there. You can take part in jet skiing, pedal boats, bumper boats, and various other exciting water ports there. It would be thrilling, exciting, and enthralling for you.

To know the Lavasa city well you can opt for the bus tour there. This would definitely be a great experience for you. The nursery and crèche are the other places that the nature lovers must visit in Lavasa. You can visit there in the morning and after that, you can explore the nature trails through the picturesque green hills.

Lonavala Hill Station

lohgad fort in lonavala

Lonavala is the closest hill station from Lavasa hill city hosts many tourist sightseeing points. Some of the points you can visit here are Bushi Dam, Lohgad Fort, Duke’s Nose Point, Karla Caves, etc. Lonavala is also popular for its famous Lonavala Chikkies.

Lavasa is a serene and secluded place and a trip there will make you feel rejuvenated from within.

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