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Panchgani is named dependent upon ‘Panch” as it is encompassed by five hills of Sahyadri, and “Gani” importance settlement.

Panchgani is all-season hill station hoisted at 1305 meters above ocean level and bearing a territory of 6 square kilometers is found 18 kilometers consumes of Mahabaleshwar on Mahabaleshwar-Wai Street on the overwhelming rain and mist. It is additionally shielded from the east wind by a bigger surviving of Table-area. There are many tourist attractions in Panchgani. We are listing them here.

Tableland, Panchgani

Panchgani Table Land

Tableland is a wide field of laterite rock and this spot offers the magnificence perspective of Panchgani hill station itself. It is one of the several places to see at Panchgani. One can get stunning perspectives of Rajpuri caverns and the spot regarded as “Fallen angel’s Kitchen” from here.

Tableland gives common insurance to the Panchgani from solid winds, substantial downpours and it helps Panchgani to keep its feeling charming for tourists. Table area serves as extraordinary games and diversions place for kids and junior.

Rajpuri Caves, Panchgani

Rrajpuri Caves Panchgani

The Rajpuri Caves in Panchgani is a religiously imperative tourist sightseeing at Panchgani spot. These aged caverns are encompassed by numerous water kunds (lakes). Lovers accept that cleaning up in these heavenly kunds will give easing from numerous types of infections and wrongs.

Legends assert that the blessed Ganges additionally streams into these kunds. Lord Karthikeya sanctuary is the principal attraction in these caverns. The sanctuary itself is built out of the sand taken from the hollows.

Mapro Farms, Panchgani

Mapro Farms Panchgani Sightseeing is located on the way to Panchgani from Mahabaleshwar and it’s around 5 km long stretch. Mapro farm is famous for strawberry plantations. There are many shops located in the form providing fresh fruit juices, jams, crushes, syrups, squashes, etc.

Sydney Point, Panchgani

Sydney Point is famous for its beautiful views of Krishna Vally. From Sydney point, one can see Kamalgad Fort and Wai city.

Hunter Point, Panchgani

Tourists can reach Hunter Point by Old Mahabaleshwar road. Located around 800 meters from Connaught Peak this is one of the best Panchgani tourist places. From Hunter point, tourists can see the beautiful Koyna valley and Sahyadri mountains.

Sherbaug, Panchgani

Among the Panchgani attractions, Sherbaug is a pleasant and regularly decently planned scene, and one of the many places to see at Panchgani is an eye devouring valley in interesting hill resort Panchgani. Sherbaug flourishes with a heavenly youngsters’ park and a delightful rose enclosure.

This unspoiled and unpolluted area is the home to numerous sorts of winged creature fauna, different sorts of rabbits, turkeys, and swans. Sherbaug guests can see the magnificent scenes of youthful youngsters participating in different artistic and sculptural exercises here. Dirt pot making and designing are the imperative special exercises attempted here for the profits of kids.

Wai, Panchgani

Wai Satara

Sightseeing in Panchgani will not be completed without visiting Wai. Wai, placed at the banks of Krishna River, is a perfect city adjacent to Panchgani. Numerous sanctuaries are placed in this sightseeing at Panchgani point. These Ghats encase numerous water lakes, waterfalls, and hillocks.

The entire Wai region comprises of several temples, which are built to praise a variety of Hindu gods. The temples are really a sight to gaze at. An old fort named Pandavgadh is an adjacent attraction and is famous around the trekkers.

Parsi Point, Panchgani

Parsi Point Panchgani

Parsi Point is famous sightseeing at Panchgani spot, lying on the Mahabaleshwar way in Panchgani. It offers surrounding perspectives of pleasant Dhom Dam backwaters and the lavish green Krishna valley. Sydney point is an alternate amazing delightful spot close Parsi Point.

The greatness perspectives of Wai town from these points are brain blogging and eye-catching. This is a spot in Panchgani which is honored with all commendable characteristic delights. One can use numerous hours in this smooth and cool vibe getting a charge out of the fragrant breeze developing out from the hilly ranges.

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