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Panhala, one of the famous hill stations and historical places in Maharashtra is a beautiful place to visit. It can be reached in a number of ways. We can reach Panhala in the following ways-

How to Reach Panhala By Road

The nearest city to reach Panhala is Kolhapur which is situated around 23 KM from Panhala. Many state transport buses are available from Mumbai, Pune Nashik to reach Kolhapur. People can go from Kolhapur to Panhala by bus or rickshaw. Private buses and vehicles, MSRTC and taxis from Sangli, which is at a distance of 55km can be taken to reach Panhala.

How to Reach Panhala from Pune by Road – From Pune to Panhala head towards Wai via Shirval – Khandala. From Wai head towards Satara – Kashil – Karad – Uran Islampur – Yelur and reach Panhala via Warananagar.

How to Reach Panhala from Mumbai by Road – From Mumbai to Panhala head towards Panvel and take Mumbai Pune expressway to reach Pune. From Pune use the above route to reach Panhala.

Another route to reach Panhala is from Panvel head towards Pali – Kolad – Mangaon – Mahad. From Mahad head towards Khed – Asurde – Chiplun – Sawarde – Kalambaste – Kosumb – Sakharpa – Chandoli – Shahuwadi – Panhala.

How to Reach Panhala from Kolhapur by Road – From Kolhapur to Panhala head towards Shri Mahalaxmi Temple – Kerli – Kerle – Yavaluj – Rakshi – Gude – Panhala.

How to Reach Panhala from Sangli by Road – From Sangli to Panhala head towards Kasbe Digraj – Ashta – Bagani – Shigaon – Bhadole – Vadgaon Kasba – Talsande – Warananagar – Panhala.

panhala fort

How to Reach Panhala By Train

Kolhapur railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Panhala situated at a distance of 21 km to Panhala. It is the closest station to reach Panhala. People from Bangalore, Tirupati, Satara, Pune, Mumbai go to Kolhapur by train. From Kolhapur, people can take a cab, bus, or auto-rickshaw to reach Panhala.

How to Reach Panhala By Air

In Kolhapur, there is an airport, 31km from Panhala namely Ujalaiwadi airport. This airport has transport facilities to Mumbai for four days in a week. People from other parts of the country can go to Pune airport.

Distance From Major Cities to Panhala

  • Kolhapur to Panhala Distance – 23 KM
  • Sangli to Panhala Distance – 70 KM
  • Belgaum to Panhala Distance – 134 KM
  • Satara to Panhala Distance – 121 KM
  • Pune to Panhala Distance – 240 KM
  • Mumbai to Panhala Distance – 383 KM
  • Hyderabad to Panhala Distance – 578 KM

The beauty of Panhala has inspired the poet in many a tourist. This place is a feast for the eyes and enraptures the heart of the tourist. It attracts people from all over the world. The place is a site worth visiting and helps the visitor to destress his mind.

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How to Reach Panhala

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Map of Panhala Fort

Explore Panhala with map. Panhala Map showing city attractions, roads, hospitals, police stations and many important places. Get complete information about Panhala and plan your holidays.

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