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Toranmal – one of the hill stations located in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra has its own history and its present beautiful locations. This hill station is found in the Satpura Range of Maharashtra.

Toranmal is a perfect place for foreign tourists as well as people from other states to come and enjoy their vacation and have a great time there.

There are various places at Toranmal and the places can never be seen within a day or two. Tourists do come in every season and get to enjoy the beautiful climate and so you could find in almost every part of the year flooded with tourists and people at the sightseeing places.

Sita Khai Toranmal

Sita Khai Toranmal

Sightseeing at Toranmal can be done by Sita Khai. It is a beautiful valley with greenery around. The main attraction at this place is the waterfall which has its beauty and charm which makes people enjoy the scene here. Also, the echo point here makes it popular among the people who come here too.

Khadki Point Toranmal

Khadki Point Toranmal

For adventurous people, the idea of trekking does make them excited. At Toranmal, you could find Khadki Point which is believed to be a great trekking area. The huge mountains would definitely be great fun for trekking to the top for the tourists. When the site was excavated here, old monumental excavations were found.

Gorakhnath Temple Toranmal

One of the places to see at Toranmal is the Gorakhnath Temple where you could see a huge crowd on Mahasivarathri day. People do come and worship the deity. People do come on barefoot from other states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and from other parts of Maharashtra.

The yatra is said to be attended by thousands of people as it is once in a year and people do sing and dance on the way to the temple.

Yashwant Lake Toranmal

Yashwant Lake Toranmal

To the southern part of Toranmal is the Yashwant Lake. It is also known as Kamal Talao which is covered with lotus flowers. The water from the stream flows into the Sita Khai in the forests. Tourists can get to see this beautiful lake filled with lotuses and the chilling water that flows into the Sita Khai.

Other places to see at Toranmal Hill Station are the Aashabari Point, Torna Devi Temple, Machindranath Caves that make trips to Toranmal a more interesting and fun visit. The visit does not only provide a good holiday trip but also it tends to be informative as we get to know about the history that is associated with the places.

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