Ashta Vinayak

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The Exciting Journey To Ashta Vinayak

I, Ashta Vinayak is one of the popular pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra. I am situated around the city Pune in the whole Maharashtra. I am the home to Lord Ganesha and hold a great religious significance.

I am home to eight holy temples of Lord Ganesha and which is why this pilgrimage is called as Ashta Vinayak yatra. These Ganesha idols are not hand carved but it is believed that these idols were made by the nature itself.

The most astonishing fact about the Ganesha idols are that each one of these has a different trunk and the overall form of each idol differs from others. As a custom, the pilgrims who visit me have to visit the first temple again after finishing visit to all eight.

The first temple on Ashta Vinayak journey is, Moreshwar temple at Moregaon, Pune district. The other temples to be visited while visiting me are Siddhivinayak temple at Siddhatek, Ahmednagar district, Ballaleshwar temple, Pali, Raighad district, Varadavinayak temple, Mahad, Raigad district, Chintamani temple, Theur, Pune district, Girijatmaj temple, Lenyadri, Pune district, Vighnahar temple, Ozar, Pune district, Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon, Pune district.

These idols of Lord Ganesha, are believed to be Self-Existing. People have lot of faith on me and visit me, Ashta Vinayak often. There are numerous trains and buses which could bring you to me. Lot of travel agencies can also arrange a convenient tour to come to me. From Mumbai, they have travel packages of two to three days to visit me. It is believed that you should visit me at least once in a life time.

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