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I am Hari Mandir. Many of you might be knowing me by my other names like Geeta Bhavan and Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha. Depenign from person to person I am depicted by different names. I am a Hindu temple which is devoted to Lord Ram and Krishna located in Mumbai. In Mumbai you can find me resting at a place called Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar, Sion Koliwada.

When Shri Hari Mandir made?

I was established legally in the year 1950. There were minor changes in my design that further extended my life in 1980. I am a very old building and rebuilding is required for me, from time to time. Apart from me there are many other temples in the route between Sion-Chembur and Wadala-Matunga. All these temples are in connection with mine as the devotees decide to visit me throughout along with the other temples.

How did I come into existence?

As a place for rest to many refugees after the partition of India, Guru Tegh Bahadur nagar had given space to many helpless and hungry people. They had made their tents and moved themselves into this comforting area in Mumbai, then Bombay. There were a number of military barracks for help who had taken good care of the refugees then but they needed a place for worship in this settling process. That is when people for worship with their god idols and collected at one place to begin praying and offering. Sooner I was a raw temple and was later converted into Shri Hari Mandir which I proudly am.

Gods in Shri Hari Mandir

There are almost all the Hindu Gods who are residing indoors like Lord Ram, Krishna, Hanumaniji, Radha-Krishna, Matarani, Ymuna Mata, Ganga Mata, Ganesha, Shiv and Parvati till today.

The modern me

After the rebuilt again very recently 15 years back in 2000 there were more idols brought into the temple. There are three shrines inside the temple. After being modernized I had CCTV cameras and AC halls made within me as well so that the social events and gatherings are properly maintained and conducted with equal interest and amaze.

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