Kopineshwar Mandir, Thane

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I, Kopineshwar Mandir am a hindu temple dedicated to the lord god Shiva. I am situated in the heart of Thane City. Thane city is known as a lake city and I am situated on the banks of the Masunda lake popularly known as Talao Pali.

The Shivalinga inside my temple is one of the largest Shivalinga in the state of Maharashtra. It has 5 feed diameter and 5 feet tall. I am built by the Shilahara dynasty and renovated and rebuilt in 1760. In 1879 devotees build a hall in front of my main garbha griha and lateron the temple renovated again in 1996.

As I am located near the Thane railway station I am visited by many devotees and tourists on daily basis. I am a home of 6 more temples inside my vicinity. These temples are dedicated to Lord Ram, Lord Maruti, Bramha Dev, Uttareshwar, Shitala Devi and Kalika Devi.

Even I, Kopineshwar Temple located in the crowded market area; I offer a peaceful ambience to devotees.

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