Vitthal Temple, Pandharpur

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The Half moon, Pandharpur

I, Pandharpur am situated in Solapur district in Maharashtra. I am home to 99,481 people as per 2001 census. The ratio of male to female population is 52 % to 48%. I attract a million pilgrims in the month of June and July. These two months form the popular month of Ashadh as per Hindu scripts.

I, Pandharpur am at an elevation of 458 meters. I am also popular by the name Chandrabhaga because of the half moon like shape. I am named Pandharpur after a saint’s name, Pundalik, who was blessed to achieve self realization on my land. The maximum number of devotees visits me on the month of Asadh. I still have thousands of pilgrims in remaining months as per Hindu mythology.

I am situated on a vast land, on the banks of river Bhima. I have six gates and my eastern gate is popular as Namdev ghaat. Kuladivat often is hosted by me and I am well known for this.

You could find some inscriptions on my walls which indicate my existence since 13th century. Vitthoba temple is another popular religious place on my land. In this temple, Pad-Sparsh darshan, is a special ceremony performed.

The nearest airport from me is the Pune airport. I am very well connected via Solapur district which has all major train connections. I am a beautiful place to visit and have a special significance among all Indian holy places. Maharashtrians have devoted themselves to me completely and their faith on me is unshakable.

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