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Pandharpur is the most worshipped and religious place for the all bhaktas of Lord Vithoba and Rukmini. Pandharpur is a beautiful town in the Solapur district, Maharashtra, India. Pandharpur has a wonderful temple of Lord Vithoba. Having other names as Pandurang, Vitthal, Vithumauli, Hari; Lord Vithoba is the main God for all the Maharashtrians.

The temple covers a wide area and contains total six gates. Standing on a stony brick, a beautiful idol of Vithoba is structured in black stone. On the day of Ekadashi, Pandharpur gains a different beautiful look with a large number of devotees.

Following are the beautiful places to see at and near Pandharpur:

Pundalik Temple:

Located at the bank of Chandrabhaga River, the temple is said to be the resting place of Pundalik and visit to the Pundalik’s temple is mandatory after the Lord Vithoba’s Darshan since it is believed that the Lord Vithoba came to Pandharpur to meet and bless his devotee Pundalik.

Vishnupad Temple:

At the centre of the Chandrabhaga River, this beautiful temple is situated. The temple is completely made up of stones and supported by 16 strong pillars. The main attraction in the temple to the visitors is the footprints of the Lord Krishna. Since in the rainy season, this temple remains under water; summer and winters are the ideal times to visit the Vishnupad temple.

Iskcon Temple Pandharpur:

The Iskon temple is located on the opposite side of the Vitthal Rukmini Temple. The temple is very beautiful, having a huge hall and adjoining garden. Temple’s daily activities including Bhajan and Aarti starts at 4.30 am and goes on till 9.00 pm. The place is very calm and quite.

Yogiraj Tukarambaba Khedlekar Ashram:

The ashram is just 5 kms away from the Pandharpur. There is a tallest idol of vitthal in the Ashram. The staying facilities are very nice at this place. You can visit the Ashram if you want a calm place to spend your time.


Wakhari is a village based in Pandharpur Taluka and it is 3 kms away from the main Pandharpur town. This is the well known place of Saint Laxman Maharaj.


Khardi is at around 18 kms from the Pandharpur town and Khardi is famous because of the immolation of Saint Shree Seetaram Maharaj.

Pandharpur is blessed with a number of religious, holy places and temples. Devotees visit Pandharpur every year to seek the Lord Vitthal’s blessings.

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