Shiv Mandir, Ambarnath

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I am Ambreshwar Shiva Temple located in Ambarnath. From the proper city I am just 2 km away and the place is quite known for its quietude. I have a long story behind my whole creation coming into being. The then king Chhittaraja of Shilahara had constructed me as he was a great Shiva devotee. He had this temple built in the century of kings and rulers and servants i.e. in the 10th century, 1060 AD.

On the banks of the Vadavan River I am situated just to be really virtuous and available to all the devotees of the Lord himself. Later the temple was rebuilt by the king’s son – Mummuni.

What am I?

I am a temple with a huge lot of stairs and carve and designs carved on me. I have a gabhara inside me which is the main room where the shiv linga is placed. I was made from a single stone in the old hemadpanthi style of architecture which gave a complex to many other creations in that century. After a lot of hard work the labors were successful to create me completely and beautifully.

During the days of the fair in Ambarnath in the eve of Mahashivratri I am decorated so well that I can be seen from the sky as a shining lot of stone with a number of people crowded around me. Even after the festival the fair remains for a day or two.

Months of crowds at Shiva Temple, Ambernath

Shivratri is the time when the people are crowded and have their best kinds of devotions outpouring on the Lord. People go crazy with their beliefs and worshipping styles with milk, water and leaves to offer. While on the other hand when the shraavana begins the time of crowd again sets when people adore their Lord and I get throttled with the kind response obtained this whole time of the year.

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