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I am located in Tuljapur in Osmanabad in Maharshtra and hence the name Tulja Bhavani Temple. Goddess Bhavani resides within me. She is also called Maa Tulja, Tvarita, Tulaja, and amba. This place is one those 51 shakti peethas which were separated from heaven onto the earth by Lord shiva after Sati died. This is considered to be the second among all the other 51 of them. Tulja Devi is the goddess and sworn deity for many north Indian families and their generations like the Bhonsle’s, the Yadavs, etc.

I was built much before in the 12th century in Tuljapur. Apart from in the Tulja district the many other colleagues of mine with the same deity possessed were built in Gujarat and Chittorgarh.

Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the Maratha kingdom in Maharashtra, were yet another person who believed in the powers of my goddess and visited me regularly with his family members. I had even witnessed the sword he had which he named The Bhawani sword as it was believed to be given to him by the goddess herself.

My Skanda Purana connection

Many demons were associated with me and the goddess in the Skanda Purana. Some of the names that may ring a bell to you somewhere where Matanga and Kukur. When the evil fights against the good, the evil has always tasted the bitter defeat and that is what the purana has also mentioned as to how Devi Tulja Bhawani had helped the sages and kings from such evil influences back before centuries!

The idol of Goddess Tulja Bhawani is also called to have impacts of Swayambhu which means self manifested or the one who can destroy herself and create herself as well. People use the term because of various stories related to the goddess’s acts and deeds against the bad. I have a huge three foot tall granite idol of Tulja devi inside which has a well carved set of eight hands holding weapons. She is also holding the head of one of the demons – Mahishasoor.

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