Tourist Places To Visit In Kolhapur

Kolhapur was previously known as Karvir, has been popular in India since ancient times as the abode of the goddess Mahalakshmi temple. For thousands of years, pilgrims from all around India have flocked to Kolhapur. Kolhapur is also known as the ’Dakshin Kashi’ and according to the legends, it is probably more important than Kashi itself.

Kolhapur is located in the Panchganga river basin in the southwest part of Maharashtra. As per the mythologies, Kolhapur was found by a demon called Kolhasura, who was killed by the goddess Mahalakshmi.

mahalaxmi temple kolhapur

Presently, as a city, Kolhapur is governed by the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation that provides most civic services to the citizens. Kolhapur has also made considerable improvements in living conditions since independence. Most of the residents of Kolhapur (known as Kolhapuri) are Hindu and naturally the culture is predominated and heavily influenced by Hindu customs, traditions, and religious beliefs.

Places to visit in Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur
Jyotiba Temple, Kolhapur
Narsobachi Wadi, Kolhapur
Gaganbawada, Kolhapur
Vishalgad, Kolhapur
Panhala Fort, Kolhapur
Rankala Lake, Kolhapur
Gokak Falls, Kolhapur
Siddhagiri Museum, Kolhapur
New Palace Museum, Kolhapur
Town Hall Museum, Kolhapur
Maharaja’s Palace, Kolhapur
Kopeshwar Temple, Kolhapur
Kaneri Math, Kolhapur
Sajja Kothi, Kolhapur
Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Kolhapur
Radhanagri Wildlife Sanctuary, Kolhapur
Teen Darwaja, Kolhapur

Art and Culture of Kolhapur

Though compared to other major cities of the state, Kolhapur is the only sprightly little town, It is also sometimes known as ‘Kalapur – that is the ‘City of Arts’. Located amidst the tranquility of the Sahyadri mountain ranges on the banks of river Panchganga Kolhapur is the religious pride of Maharashtra and carries a unique cultural heritage of art, aristocracy, and graciousness alloyed with spiritualism, education, and modernization for a rich and colorful local culture.

Along with the handmade leather chappals and sandals, those are popular all over the country, as Kolhapuri chappals. Kolhapur is also very much well known for Kolhapur jewelry and a special type of necklace known as the Kolhapuri saaj.

Like all other Indian cities, Kolhapur also offers visitors a variety of traditional-style entertainment along with modern entertainment facilities and ensures a wonderful experience for anybody coming to visit Kolhapur.

Along with ‘Tamasha’ – a traditional Marathi theater form ‘Lavani’ traditional dance is also extremely popular here. Kolhapur has finally caught up with the mall and multiplex culture too, and a few of them have already popped up in different parts of Kolhapur bringing in ultramodern big city lifestyle for the residents.

How to Reach Kolhapur

As Kolhapur is regularly visited by people from different parts of India it is well connected by rail, road, and air to most major cities in the state and there is also an efficient city transport service that makes commuting to different parts of Kolhapur easy and minimum time-consuming.

Along with Maharashtra state road transport corporation buses, Kolhapur Municipal Transport (KMT) too also local bus services and for local services, auto-rickshaws are also available.

Weather and Climate in Kolhapur

Kolhapur has a climate that is a blend of coastal and inland elements typical of most Maharashtra cities and though summer is not very hot here. It is extremely humid and Kolhapur also receives abundant rainfall between the months of June to September.

From November to February is the winter and during that time Kolhapur warmer than most other cities in the state and as humidity also stays low for making the weather extremely pleasant those winter months are certainly the best time for visiting Kolhapur.

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