Places to Visit in Bor Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bor Wildlife sanctuary is located at the Hingni in Wardha district of Maharashtra, India. The sanctuary covers 121 sq. km area. The main attraction at Bor Wildlife Sanctury is to see different species of wild animals including Bengal tigers, Indian bison, Indian leopard, sambar deer, chital, blue bull, peacocks etc. The best time to visit this wildlife Sanctuary is October to June.

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary follows all the measures to protect the wild animals. It totally works for the welfare of animals and birds since it is a fact that the species of wild animals are getting vanished day by day. One finds this as a true home for these animals and birds and the sanctuary always has been delivering visitors; the happiness of staying in the beautiful nature’s presence.

Following are some of the places to see at and around the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Vishwa Shanti Stupa:

It is a very calm and quiet place and considered as one of the eight shanti stupas in India. It is located at about 2.6 kms from the Bor Wildlife Sanctury. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a place of Buddhist Community to worship. It is believed that Fuji Guruji came from Japan to Wardha in 1935. Further he met Mahatma Gandhi and Gandhiji allowed Fuji Guruji to Build the Stupas in India. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is considered as a best place to mediate.

Gandhiji Ashram Bapu Kuti:

This Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram, also famous as “Bapu Kuti” is situated at around 2.6 km from Bor Wildlife Sanctuary. Mahatma Gandhi stayed at this Ashram from 1936 to 1948. One gets to see here, the things used by Gandhiji. A number of students from different Universities in India visit this place to study about Gandhiji.

Sevagram Ashram:

Sevagram Ashram also gives you more information about Gandhiji i.e Bapu and also about Baa. It is located only at a distance of 2 mins from Bapu’s kuti. Gandhiji used to carry out many important activities from the Sevagram Ashram during his stay.

Kishor Nivas:

Kishor nivas is located at about 1.6 kms from the Sevagram Ashram which was the only house built with bricks and cement in those premises. Kishor Nivas was the residence of Kishorlal Mashruwala who was the close associate of Mahatma Gandhi.

Other than these places, Geetai Mandir Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple are also the good places to see near Bor Wildlife Sanctury in the Wardha District.

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