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Located in the Sangli district of Mahrashtra, India; Chandoli National Park is one of the popular national parks in India. The park has 317.67 of total area and it is surrounded by the Sangli district, Satara district, Kolhapur district and Ratnagiri district. A large number of mammals, reptiles, amphibians are present in the Chandoli National Park. This place is best for nature lovers and the tourists who love to spend their time in an awesome environment. The ideal time to visit the Chandoli National Park is from August to February i.e in the times of monsoons and winter.

There are many places to visit around the Chandoli National Park in Sangli.

Dandoba Hills Forest, Chandoli

At the distance of 25 mins drive from Sangli, this forest is a beautiful one, rich in wonderful flora and fauna. The Dandoba Hills have beautiful ancient temples and hence this place is loved by all the visitors and they find this place perfect for trekking as well as long hikes.

Dandoba Hills Forest
Dandoba Hills Forest

Shree Ganesh Temple, Chandoli

The Ganesh temple in Sangli is a popular temple and it is visited and worshipped by hundreds of devotees every day. It is Kuldaivat of more than half of the population of Sangli. There are other smaller temples as well named as Suryanarayan, Cintamanesvar, Laxmi- Narayan and Cinta- Manesvari.

Gokak Falls, Sangli:

Located on the Ghataprabha river, in Belgaum district of Karnataka, India; the Gokak falls is a very beautiful waterfall in Sangli and it is 6 kilometers away from the main Gokak. The place is very beautiful and loved by all the visitors. Other waterfalls to visit in Chandoli are Kandhardoh Falls and Tanali falls

Gokak Falls Sangli
Gokak Falls Sangli

Khwaja Meerasaheb Darga, Chandoli

The Darga of Samsuddin Meerasaheb is a famous place and is visited by many tourists every year. The Darga has a huge compound around it that encloses a huge open ground. There is a huge main entrance and other smaller gates are also available.

Battis Shirala:

Battis Shirala is a famous and annual Nag Panchami i.e Snake festival that gets celebrated every year and is attended by hundreds of people. Before some days of festival, the villagers go for snake hunting and before catching the snakes, villagers take permission from the Goddess Amba Bai by keeping a flower on her head. It is believed that if the flowers falls on the left side then the family asking for permission, is not allowed to catch a snake that year. On the day of festival, the snakes are displayed in a large proportion and the snakes are released at the same place from where they were caught.

Chandoli National Park
Chandoli National Park

Points like Kokan darshan, Zolambi sada Rundiv forests are some of other important sightseeing points in Chandoli National Park you should not miss.

Other Destinations Near Chandoli National Park

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Panhala Fort

Kolhapur City


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