Places to Visit in Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

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Situated on the border of Kolhapur and Sindhudurga Districts and at the short distance of 30 kms from Radhanagari; Dajipur Wildlife Sanctury is one of the renowned Sanctuaries in Maharashtra. The area is hilly and covers 351 sq.kms. It is surrounded by dense forest. One gets to see many plants, butterflies, reptiles as well at this place. Watching a number of species of birds is a part of great fun here.

If you want to visit the different parts of the Sanctuary, the facility of jungle safari jeeps is also available. The sanctuary is famous as the place for many birds and wild animals like Bisol, chital, Gawa, wild deer etc. Indian Bison is the main attraction and hence the sanctuary has got another name as Dajipur Bison Sanctuary as well. Human habitation is rare here but one can get a comfortable stay for sure.

Following are the nearby places to see at and around the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gagangiri Maharaj Math Temple:

Gagangiri Maharaj Math Temple is very near to Dajipur Wildlife Sanctury at almost 0 kms and a worth visiting place. Till the foothill, you can go by car and after that there are about 200 steps to reach the temple. In the morning, there is Aarti and after it, at around 1 pm, there is Mahaprasad in the form of lunch every day.

Rankala Lake:

This is one of the beautiful places near Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary located in the heart of city. Rankala Lake is a big and round lake where we can easily take a walk and enjoy the awesome environment out here. One may get boating facility as well sometimes. The lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens and chowpati, which are the attractions of many.

Kaneri Math:

Kaneri Math is just at a distance of 1 km from the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary and is one of the greatest places to see here. This can be called as museum as well which actually shows you the various sections of our society and nation and also the development over the years.

Radhanagari Dam, Dajipur:

Radhanagari Dam is a beautiful dam and is of almost 100 years back built by Shahu Maharaj. This dam is at Bhogawati River and is also used for irrigation purposes. The climate one finds here is completely amazing.

Other than these, Dajipur is blessed with many other places to see including Jyotiba Temple, Konkan Darshan, Dajipur, Magraj Pool; etc. Dajipur is truly one the best places to see in Maharashtra.

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