How to Reach Mayani Bird Sanctuary

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Located at a distance of 65km from Satara city, in Satara district of Maharashtra, Mayani Bird Sanctuary is one of the major tourist attractions of the state and one of the most prominent bird sanctuaries in the entire country. The sanctuary is a winter habitat of a large number of migratory birds like Flamingos, brahminy ducks, coot, common spoonbills, painted storks, black ibis etc and is a preferred destination for wildlife photographers and ornithologists alike.

How to Reach Mayani Bird Sanctuary by Road

For reaching Mayani Bird Sanctuary by road tourists are first required to reach Satara. Due to its excellent connectivity with other cities and towns in the region – reaching Satara is not difficult. Distance from Mumbai and Pune to Satara is around 256km and 107km respectively and state transport corporation buses from both these cities to Satara are regularly available. Satara is also well connected with cities like Bangalore (734km), Ahmedabad (789km) and Mangalore (865km) by road.

How to Reach Mayani Bird Sanctuary by Train

Satara is a fairly active railway station and trains running from both Maharashtra and the neighboring state of Karnataka regularly pass through this station. Trains from Bangalore and Mysore to Dadar also pass through Satara. Gandhidham Exp from Bangalore, Sahyadri Express and Mahalaxmi Exp from Mumbai and Poorna Express from Pune can be availed to reach Mayani bird sanctuary via Satara. Time required to reach Satara by train from Pune is around 3hrs while from Mumbai and Bangalore it is around 7 hours and 17 hrs respectively.

How to Reach Mayani Bird Sanctuary By Air

Mumbai is the nearest international airport while Pune is the nearest domestic airport close to Mayani sanctuary and on reaching Mumbai or Pune by air, tourists can easily reach Satara either by road or by train as per their personal choice.

Distance of Satara City from Mayani is around 65 km. The state transport buses and private rented or shared cars can be used to reach Mayani.

Other Destinations Near Mayani Bird Sanctuary


Kolhapur City


Sajjangad Fort

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