Places to Visit in Mayani Bird Sanctuary

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Mayani Bird Sanctuary is most prominent bird sanctuaries in Maharashtra. This sanctuary is a home to many local and migratory birds. Below are some of the important places near Mayani bird sanctuary which you should not miss.

Koyna Dam and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Koyna Dam is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra and Koyna wildlife sanctuary is a home to variety of animals like keystone species, Bengal tigers leopards bison sloth bears, sambar, deera, langurs, etc.

Kaas Pathar

Kaas Pathar is a plateau situated in the Western Ghat Sahyadri range. Kass Plateau is situated around 22 kilometers from Satara city and around 85 kms from Mayani bird sanctuary. Kass Pathar is located at a height of 1200 mt and known for different types of wild flowers bloom during August and September month of every year.

Other Destinations Near Mayani Bird Sanctuary


Kolhapur City


Sajjangad Fort

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