Sightseeing at Melghat Tiger Reserve

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Melghat Tiger Reserve is called as “home for tigers” as well because it is solely meant for the preservation of tigers. We know that many species of wild animals including the tigers are getting vanished and this should not be happened. The Melghat Tiger Project is one of those best initiatives taken, to save the tigers and as well as it is one of the first nine tiger reserves under the tiger projects. It has the highest density of tigers. Melghat Tiger Reserve is located at the northern part of Amravati district in Maharashtra, India.

There are much more other places to see at and around the Melghat Reserve:

Gawilgadh Fort:

Gawilgadh Fort is at around 7 km from the Melghat Tiger Reserve and 4kms from the Chikhaldhara. The structure of the fort is completely like a typical fort and there many places around the fort where visitors can go for the trekking. It is a beautiful and quiet place.

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is also one of the best wildlife sanctuaries near Melghat. It is at the distance of around 7 km from the Melghat Tiger Reserve. It is an amazing place to visit in Monsoons and situated at the Satpura Moutain ranges. The place is full of great wildlife, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful viewpoints.

Gavilgarh Fort:

It is situated at a distance of 15 kms from the Melghat and is a must visit place. This fort was built in 1200 century which has a history of possessing this fort by Mughals for 260 years and then by the British.

Devi Point:

Devi point is very near to Gavilgarh Fort and is a very nice place. Devi point is a temple under the mountain, made up of the rocks. Water keeps falling from the ceiling. Visitors really love to visit this place.

Moreover, there are other good places to see around the Melghat Tiger Reserve as well; including Bhimkund-Kichakdara, Upper Wardha Dam, and Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan; which would give you a feeling of an awesome visit.

Other Destinations Near Melghat Tiger Reserve

Chikhaldara Hill Station

Nagpur City

Tadoba National Park

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