Places to Visit in Nagzira wildlife sanctuary

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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is located in between Bhandara district and Gondia district of Maharashtra and it is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary in Maharashtra. The Nagzira Sanctuary has a large number of different types of species like mammals, reptiles, birds, fishes and also some amphibians.

Many types of trees are also available including Teak, Bamboo, Bija, Tendu, Ain, Tinsa, Tendu, Garari, Dhavda etc. Every year, many tourists and wild life lovers visit the Sanctuary in a large number. An ideal time to visit the Sanctuary is the months of April and May.

There are many attractive places to visit near to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chulbandh Dam:

Chulbandh dam is situated on the Chulbandh River and it has a storage capacity of 21,452 cubic metres. The nature’s surroundings are wonderful and awesome at the dam and the dam is 465 m long and 22.08 m high. The Chulbandh dam is situated at a distance of 24.7 kms from the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.

Navegaon National Park:

Navegaon National Park is a beautiful national park located in the Gondia district of Maharashtra, India. It is located at a distance of 39.3 kms from Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary. The park has been blessed with many types of flora including Jamun, Mahua, Bhor, Ain, Bhel, Kawat, Haldu, Teak etc; and fauna like Tigers, Sambars, Chitals, Panthers, Nilgais, Bisons, Wild Boars, Wild Dogs etc.

Tibetan Camp:

Tibetan Camp is very beautiful place located at Gondia, where you get to see the Tibetan culture from close. The way they live, their particular types of crafts; everything is wonderful ad worth visiting. It is near about 2 hours travel from Nagzira Sanctuary to Tibetan camp and it is located at around 60 kms. At the camp, you may buy Tibetan dress as well as their beautiful woolen products.

Itiadoh Dam:

Itiadoh Dam is located at about 52.6 kms from the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary and it is considered as one of the best and important dams in the Gondia district. The dam was built in 1970 on the Gadvi River. The dam is gravity and earth fill dam and it is located at about 85 kms from Gondia.

Hazara Falls:

Hazara falls are situated in Salekasa Tehsil and it is one of the major tourist attractions in monsoons. The nature’s beauty at the falls is simply beautiful and this is the best place as a picnic spot and as a trekking spot as well.

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