Tulja Caves

The Tulja Caves are located at a distance of about 3 km from Junnar beyond the Shivneri Fort hill. Junnar taluka has got the largest group of caves in India. Other caves in the Junnar district are Lenyadri Caves, Shivneri Caves, Manmodi Caves.

Tulja Caves near Junnar

The oldest caves in Maharashtra are the Tulja Caves. The cleaning is done properly by the staff of the Archaeological Survey of India. The stupa here is badly damaged but the octagonal twelve pillars around the stupa attract the attention of the visitors. The circular dome at the top is still tidy.

The group of Tulja Caves consists of 11 caves. There is a temple of Goddess Tuljai in the 4th cave, so it is named Tulja Caves.

The carved monastery for the Buddhist monks is quite in good shape. However, the facade of the cave has fallen considerably. In one or two places, the carvings still look beautiful.

Although the road to the caves is easy to reach, the place is not very crowded as people still do not know much about these caves. After seeing the view of the caves, one cannot help wondering how the Tulja Leni got out of sight.

Historians believe that these caves were carved in the time of Emperor Ashoka. A few sentences are written on a wall.

Best time to Visit Tujla Caves

The best season to visit Tulja Caves is rainy and winter. The climb is very easy.

In fact, in the rainy season, heaven descends all around Junnar taluka. The fog, the rain, the magic of the midday sun, the green shawls covered with mountains, the streams flowing over it, the waterfalls cascading down from the cliffs, the reverse, and much more nature’s beauty you can experience.

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